Festive Sun Hand-painted Candles

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Brighten the evenings and let your light shine with these lovely taper candles. Women in a craft studio in Bredasdorp, South Africa, paint each one entirely by hand. As you light them in the company of family and friends, know that you are part of a shared wish for peace and safety, creativity and community, across the ocean and around the world.

Any variations in pattern and color reflect the hand-painted process. Please note that candle holders are not included.

See the Story below for tips on keeping your candles burning their best.
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Elaine B.
These candles and holders made our Christmas Memorable

I purchased the hand painted Christmas candles for my last Christmas Eve dinner. I knew they would make my table just perfect. I am in my 80's and had decided to tell my family that this would be the last 6 course meal I would make for the whole family. The candles arrived and I tried them in silver and crystal candelabras. To my eye they didn't fit well in such a formal setting, so I ordered six of the painted wooden holders that Petalura showed with them. They were perfect!. When everything was ready, I lit the candles, turned down the lights and called everyone to dinner. l turned around only to watch my four year old grandson pulling the table runner towards him by the tassel at the end. He knocked over the candles and set the table runner and tablecloth on fire. The table was set for 14 so the fire was bigger than we wanted to try to put out. We called the fire department and got everyone out of the house. Even the firemen admitted that the candles were beautiful, Later we learned that the candles beauty had called to my grandson as much as they had called to me from the catalog. After dinner in the kitchen, my husband took the remains of the candles, cut them into pieces and gave a piece to each person as a souvenir.of Grandma's memorable last Christmas dinner. I will order them again in the fall. They may become a family tradition

the red and gold painted candles

We enjoyed one set on our Christmas table and the rest of the box were
used for small Christmas gifts. They were well received.

Cherry H.
h\Have bought at least 4 sets

I love these candles and I have bought at least 4 sets, maybe 5.
The colors, the designs are strong and burn like a good expensive candle should.

Mary A.S.

I first ordered these hand painted candles for myself and then started giving them out as gifts, and some along with the candlesticks in the catalogue. They are FABULOUS LOOKING…a real attention getter and “MAKE” a table look special…No matter what color theme you choose …..you cannot loose…they are a WINNER!!!!


I love how they look

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Festive Sun Hand-painted Candles