Guatemalan Worry Doll Necklace

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For generations, craftspeople in Guatemala have made worry dolls for their children and as popular souvenirs. When kids are nervous, they whisper their worries to the tiny dolls, who take their cares away and replace them with the strength to face their fears. Of course, kids aren’t the only ones who could use a little help in stressful moments. These diminutive worry doll necklaces are a charming way to keep the tradition close.

The brass pendant is made in New Mexico, then sent to a women-owned studio in Guatemala where artisans “dress” each doll with bright cotton thread and a cotton tassel charm. Hung on a delicate gold-fill chain.

Please note: while this charm begs to be played with, the natural oils in our fingertips will discolor the thread over time so it’s best to avoid touching it any more than necessary.

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Guatemalan Worry Doll Necklace