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Hand-felted Mini Saguaro Cactus

Item P11120
Hand-felted Mini Saguaro Cactus
Hand-felted Mini Saguaro Cactus
Free shipping on all orders $50+

A partial list of people who will be delighted with these miniature, hand-felted wool cactuses:

People who think you can never have enough plants People whose partners think they already have enough plants People who have no green thumb People whose cats do not appreciate their green thumb People who live in cold climates, tiny apartments, or dorm rooms with dreary views People who say cactuses, people who say cacti, and people who say, “Oh, how cute!”

Choose from a saguaro cactus with arms outstretched, a prickly pear in bloom, or a petite flowering peyote. Each is handcrafted in Nepal using felted sheep’s wool and a recycled paper eco-pot. While real cactuses love the light, these will keep their color longer if they’re not in direct sun all day.

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Hand-felted Mini Saguaro Cactus