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When French fashion designer Madeleine Vionnet popularized the bias-cut dress in the 1920s, it was a revolution. Cutting at a 45º angle to the grain gives flexibility and fluidity to fabrics like silk and satin that aren’t naturally stretchy. Imagine, a dress that fit and flowed over your curves, rather than a dress you had to squeeze and squash yourself into with the help of tightly laced corsets. Even with the knits and slinky synthetics we have a century later, a classic bias-cut silk dress is still a coveted part of any capsule wardrobe. Body skimming but not clingy, made of a blend of midnight black silk and viscose, this sleeveless midi dress is gorgeous on its own or as the foundation of infinite outfits. Poly lining hides lines and bumps from undergarments and feels smooth against your skin. Size L is 40" long.

Please note: Our original inventory of this dress was much shorter than advertised. Unfortunately we didn't catch the mistake until several customers pointed it out. As of June 29, 2023, all of our inventory is correct as listed in the size chart and as worn by our model, Rada.
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Aline H.
We Might Be Biased Silk-blend Dress

I had high expectations for this dress but it turned out to be flimsy and ill-fitting. The oddest thing was- the dress was shown as being just below knee length on the model, so I assumed it would be a longer length on my 4'11" frame. When I tried it on it was way shorter than knee length! Not what I wanted.

Yikes! We’re embarrassed to have let such a big mistake escape our notice. We checked our inventory, and, of course, you’re right. This dress was several inches shorter than we led you to expect.
We returned everything to the designer, who fixed the error. As of June 29, 2023, all our inventory is the correct length as listed in our size charts and worn by our model, Rada.
Thank you for helping us catch the problem. We’re sorry this experience didn’t live up to our promise and we hope that we’ll have the opportunity to get it right for you in the future.

Lettie K.
We Might Be Biased Silk Dress

Dress came down to TOP of my knees!
Retuning both dress and jacket.

We’re so sorry this dress was not what you expected. We should have caught the mistake ourselves, but we’re grateful to you for bringing it to our attention. As of June 2023, all our inventory is correct as pictured and as listed in our size chart.

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We Might Be Biased Silk-blend Dress FINAL SALE (No Returns)