Moonbow Tassel Cardigan FINAL SALE (No Returns)

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Did you know that moonlight can produce a rainbow? Moonbows are usually too faint to see with the human eye, but they do happen. That’s what this warm gray cardigan reminds us of, with its subtle rainbow stripes woven throughout and tassels that flow like rivulets of raindrops.

Slimming vertical stripes really pop when you pair this sweater with bright colors, and they add a cheerful note to an all-black ensemble. Knit with a blend of wool for warmth and acrylic for softness. Open front; no closure.

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Robin M.W.
A Pretty Thing

It is lovely and quite warm. Lots of colors to coordinate with. I got the light colored one.

A classy wrap.

The material feels wonderful — soft, comfortable and warm — and looks gracious. If I had one wish for this open jacket it would be the addition of pockets.

Bev M.

I purchased this on sale as “NO RETURNS” so I guess I should have known there was a problem with it. But I don’t remember seeing anything about it being damaged, or a second. Arrived with a little red arrow sticker pointing out a flaw in the sleeve. Fortunately, I knit so was able to fix it. But would have been really upset if I hadn’t been able to. That said, I love the cardigan otherwise. Just wish there had been a clearer indication of its condition. Guess I just won’t buy any more “NO Returns”!

Thank you for letting us know. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality items. Final sale items are NOT seconds and we sincerely apologize you received an item with a flaw. We have contacted you privately to resolve the issue.

kathleen a.j.t.
Fashionable and funky!

I love the sweater- beautifully made, you could almost wear it inside out and the tassels are fun-however, a quality company like Petalura should have its own quality label. This sweater has a cheap looking black label with the word Creation spelled out in silver thread. Except for that, I love the sweater!

Alane E.
Comfy slightly dress up tunic

This is a very easy to wear a sweater tunic that adds style and comfort to a jeans or pants outfit. Got many compliments.

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Moonbow Tassel Cardigan FINAL SALE (No Returns)